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Podcast Howto
Getting the podcast is as easy as keeping in touch with the latest WebLog items from the RSS feed. The easiest way to get the podcast is by getting iTunes. It's easy to download and install iTunes. When opened search under the advanched menu for "Subscribe to podcast...". The link you need is: http://www.gustaafgroenendaal.nl/weblog/rss/. Now it is possible to see the latest podcast items in iTunes.

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Webbrowser support
The following browsers and newer versions are fully supported:
  • Safari 3
  • Firefox 3
  • Opera 10.10
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Chrome 3
Old versions of Internet Explorer are completely unsupported, other browsers will see support as long as it is easy to keep support up for these browsers. Opera is supported as of version 10.10. Earlier version should work but the experience is flawed due to some big bugs in earlier versions.

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Blog-CMS development
This website is in development at all times. Originally developed as a showcase for some CSS 3 features the website keeps evolving. One of the next steps is the inclusion of data storage.

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For contact please refer to contact page.

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